Today we are still on weekend mode since it's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.  I couldn't be happier about it either.  This weekend the weather decided fall is over and winter is here.  Although it all melts by the end of the day, each morning when we wake up the world is a winter wonderland.  Which means long lazy days in bed.  It's been glorious.  The only plans that the snow has squashed was going to the pumpkin patch today (no pun intended) ..who wants to go to a pumpkin patch in the snow? So, instead we will enjoy the slowness and hibernation that this weather brings.  I think Thanksgiving is such a wonderful reminder to choose gratitude and an attitude of thankfulness.  It's a practice that can truly change your perspective on life and overall demeanour toward it.  It's not possible to worry and feel thankful at the same time.  I notice it in myself often.  How easily I get caught up in negativity or focus on what's not going right.  You open yourself up to overflowing richness and overwhelming joy in choosing to be thankful.  Those moments of complete happiness and sense of being richly blessed will happen much more often if gratitude is a part of your habit and practice.  James and I have been discussing the things we are thankful for and it seems to be the simple things that we feel most grateful for - Days off that we are able to fully enjoy because we have consistent work and in turn our bills are paid, our fridge is full, and we are cozy and warm.  Friendships/relationships that provide and create an opportunity for deep and real connection and in turn community and understanding.  Opportunity/choice to learn and grow each day in any direction we choose, and the bigger vision and dreams that follow.  Resiliency/strength from any challenge or situation life has handed us.   Health/vitality and the knowledge and ability to feed our bodies and minds well so that our vehicle in life carries us well. (Those are just a few, I could go on and on).  What you focus on you amplify.  Choose to amplify gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving to all those who are celebrating it today!  I hope everyone has a moment of intense gratitude and thankfulness even if you aren't eating turkey today.