Binge Watch // True Crime

The weather is cold, it's Friday, and Halloween is a few weeks away.  I thought it would be a good time to share some more of my favourite documentaries.  True Crime seemed appropriate.  I feel like my taste in all shows varies and yet is very specific.  So, we're jumping from inspiring women and fashion (find that post here) right into True Crime. Two of my favourite topics.  (It's okay if you're confused by this. There's no rhyme or reason for taste).  I happen to enjoy a good True Crime flick more than James does but I'm certain that even he agrees that these are worth watching.  I'm including True Crime Podcasts in this list because I've listened to a few amazing ones in the last little while and couldn't not add them.  Plus, once you've started you won't be able to stop.  As the weather gets colder and home seems like the right choice, settle in and get ready for a good (albeit creepy) binge watch.  (Also, don't google any of these or you'll be bombarded by spoilers.)


  • The Jinx  -  I've watched and re-watched this entire series 3 times.  This makes me sound like I have a lot of time of my hands but really, it's just THAT good.  We had watched the movie based on this story years ago (called All Good Things) so we had an idea of how crazy this story was.  The director of the movie followed it up and made a 6 part documentary for HBO.  He completely knocked it out of the park.  By the time I got to the last episode my jaw dropped and I had to rewatch it a few times to believe what had just transpired. Even as I'm typing this I can't go on enough about how much I loved this documentary and how much I want everyone to watch and enjoy it as my as I did.
  • West of Memphis (on Netflix)  -  We watched this documentary years and years ago and it left an impression.  We've since heard lots of follow up as celebrities like Natalie Maines have gotten involved with the case and have talked about it on Howard Stern.  There have been so many stories coming out about injustice and people being wrongfully accused.  This film may have set the ball in motion.
  • The Seven Five (on Netflix)  -  I was skeptical when James started this movie on Netflix.  It's focused on corrupt police.  We both ended up loving it more than expected.  It was so well done and got us hooked right away.  I'm guilty of falling asleep through most movies but this one kept me alert right up to the very end.  


  • Serial (Season 1)  -  I'm sure this is not the first time you've heard about this podcast.  It was as popular last year as Making a Murderer was this year.  Worth listening to.  I was talking to some friends about it the other day and they said they loved it so much they had been choosing to listen to it instead of watching a movie in the evenings.  I usually listen to podcasts during the day but also love the old timey idea of cozying up, and huddling around the radio to listen to a show.
  • Criminal  -  Like I said before,  true crime isn't necessarily James's thing.  We downloaded this podcast before our road trip to Saskatoon.  He was skeptical at first but after the first episode we were both hooked.   Each story is completely different and from a completely fresh view point usually told from someone in the case.  The first one we listened to was about an old tree that was being poisoned.  Doesn't sound like you'd get hooked after that but it was so well done we couldn't stop.
  • Someone Knows Something  -  This is the most recent of all these podcasts and movies that I've listened to.  It's a Canadian series and is reminiscent of Serial in the sense that it's an investigative journalist piece that tells a great story.  I listened to it all over the course of a few days.  I love getting to listen in on the interviews and stories from people directly involved in the story.  It covers the unsolved case of a missing Canadian boy from the 70's.  


If True Crime isn't your thing check this post for more of my favourite documentaries!  

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