Life Lately

Happy Friday!  It's nearing the end of Oct. and it's been a long while since I last wrote a "Life Lately" Post.  This time of year is always very transitional for us.  Gearing up for winter is not always easy when part of it requires James to build homes starting in December, which means him working outdoors. As the start date is getting closer and closer I begin feeling an urgency to nest.  Home needs to be a place that is somewhere we want to hibernate for the colder months.  Somewhere that supports health and wellness and wellbeing and that allows James to re-cooperate after each work day.  It's amazing what a difference the colder months can make.  Adjusting to the shorter hours of day-light, the chilled-to-the-bone kind of cold, can all take a toll psychologically, physically and energetically.  This year nesting and preparing has meant a whole lot or rearranging and organizing as well as piling blankets on the couch, having candles in each room, layering rugs on the floor etc.  It's amazing what a shift it can make to purge, simplify, and in our case rearrange rooms and repurpose them.  We have moved our office from one of the bedrooms upstairs to the main level and our productivity level has already shifted.  (I will be doing a home tour on this soon!) We are working to create a functional workshop space in our basement where James can take on more projects that sustain his creativity through the winter.  And, we are creating space for a workout area where we feel inclined to exercise when we can't run on the icy sidewalks or easily drive around the city to get to yoga class.  All of this gearing up for a change of season has actually been very beneficial to my level of productivity.  I've been working full time the last few weeks to film/edit lots of video content,  research, write and shoot for new blog posts that I'm really excited to share in the coming weeks.  I posted a video on my YouTube Channel this week where I share more about the head-space I've been in recently and the changes that I am making moving forward.  You can check it out here. I'm curious how everyone else prepares for winter?  Does it affect you in the same way even if you aren't having to work outdoors?  How do you manage to stay healthy and balanced in the colder months?  I wish you all a wonderful weekend of adventuring, nesting, preparing, and hopefully being warm and cozy!