Style // Cold Weather Cozy

Growing up I had a closet full of fancy dresses.  My grandma was a seamstress, and for a long time I was her only granddaughter.  For special occasions and holidays she would take me to the fabric store and we would spend hours going through books of patterns.  Once we had found the perfect pattern we would scour the store to find just the right material, zippers, lining etc.  It was such a special event and in the end I ended up with beautiful hand made dresses.  So, it is deeply ingrained in me to be drawn to gorgeous, fancy, special and unique dresses.  Up until this year I had collected more dresses in my wardrobe than any other piece of clothing.  In turn, on the most mundane, cozy, chilly days throughout each fall/winter season I lacked the proper attire (unless, of course I wanted to wear said dresses around the house).  The beginning of this season I made the decision that no matter tempting and drawn to fancy clothes I was I would resist and begin adding more everyday (I hate using the word practical) layers and knits and cozy into my wardrobe.  There have been moments of temptation in which I am seduced and lured by the structured shapes and gorgeous materials of those damn dresses but, I'm here to report that I have stuck with my decision and am truly glad that I have.  At the end of the day it's more about how you feel in what you're wearing than how fancy an outfit may be.  If you feel great in what you're wearing your confidence is what radiates,  not the sequins.  I have found some special pieces for this season that I'm able to get lots of wear from, feel great in, and still be warm and cozy throughout the cold weather.  Add a gorgeous statement necklace, a red lip, and some heels and you may as well be rocking that coveted dress.