VLOG // Exploring Vancouver

By nature I am a pretty planned, organized, and scheduled person.  I do, however, aspire to be more spontaneous.  While James and I were on a date night last weekend we started talking about going on a road trip West.  We got home from dinner and started planning.  After a little planning and even more spontaneity we set out Tuesday for our grand adventure.  Vancouver is a (short) 10 hour drive through the mountains.  We have done that drive so many times I can't count.  It goes by quickly because every mile of the drive is surrounded by beauty.  When we talked about getting away, the vibrancy and buzz of Vancouver was just what we were craving. Stepping out of everyday life and into a city we love has been the best thing for my soul.  I couldn't wait until we were home to share a video of our adventures so for a few minutes you can step out of your everyday too!