Cozy Home

I know I'm not the only one who feels like hibernating when the snow starts to fall.  There's something so romantic about spending snowy nights cozied up with good food, wine, and candles at home.  It's snowed a few times in Calgary, although up until this point it hasn't stuck. As the snow and Christmas near I've been spending time adding elements to our home that make it feel ready for those cozy snowy nights.  Here are a few ways I've made our house hibernation friendly for the impending winter months.

  • Blankets and Textiles.  I decided this year I wanted to make our couch the most alluring place to cozy up on.  Obviously I needed to track down the perfect made-for-two throw.  On the back of our couch I layered throw blankets and pillows and next to the couch I loaded up a basket with extra blankets. Sheepskins are great to drape over a chair, or bench to invite curling up on.   I also purchased a few rugs to make stepping onto the hardwood more cozy.
  • Touches of Copper and Metallic.  Copper and brass are the thing right now, and I'm SO happy about that.  Not only are they pretty elements to add to your space but I think the warmth of both metals are great ways to make rooms like your kitchen feel more warm. 
  • Candles Galore.  This goes without saying. The one thing our home lacks is a fireplace (trust me I've tried to squeeze one in anywhere I can think of but it simply doesn't work).  So, having candles lit fill the void in my life.  I did a previous post that you can find here about my go-to candle choices.  This is a great way to make home smell warm and inviting, and the flicker of the candle flame invokes those cozy sentiments.  I have candles going in our home non-stop to get me through the snowy days outside.
  • Warm Lighting.  It's great that Christmas is just around the corner because Christmas lights are a great way to implement warm lighting into your space.  You can purchase copper light strands anywhere and while they are a definite nod to the holidays I've had them up during the fall months as well and it doesn't feel too obviously Christmas.  There's something about mood/ambient lighting.  Lighting is one of the most key elements in making or breaking how your house feels. 

I also posted a video with all these cozying up home tips on my YouTube channel.  You can check it out here!