Deck The Halls // Juniper Garland x Rhosyn

Rhosyn is a small business here in Calgary that creates stunning floral arrangements as well as curated, hand-made gift boxes.  I met Erica (the owner) when she created the flowers for my launch party (you can see that post here) and as soon as I met her I instantly liked her.  She's beautiful, kind, and super talented.  When I had the idea of running simple gorgeous green garland down our railing during for Christmas I asked her if she would like to create with me.  Amidst her running a small business and being a mom to three beautiful kids I was so excited that we were able to collaborate on this project.  She completely understood my vision and created the most gorgeous garland.  Not only does it look so good that I may never take it down, but it smells amazing too.  I love the simple statement it created in our dining/living room where we will share lots of drinks and dinners with friends over the next few weeks.  

Sometimes thinking outside the box when it comes to greens and floral arrangements makes the biggest statement.  The railing seemed like such a natural place to add greenery for Christmas.  And it made a statement without being fussy or elaborate.  Instead of pre-making the garland and attaching it to the railing Erica went branch by branch to create this organic flow down the staircase.  

A few tips if you are hoping to recreate this look on your railing/in your home:

  • Choose greens that aren't going to be high maintenance.  I know you can purchase inexpensive green garlands from super centres but often they aren't the most fresh greens, and are the kind with a zillion needles.  Eucalyptus is a great choice, as is juniper.  It will dry but won't be messy as it does.
  • Be sure to check all possible view points while creating the garland.  If it looks great on the front side but sparse on the back side it won't feel complete.  
  • One of the things I love most about this garland is how Erica made it fuller at the top and it tapers off at the bottom of the stairs.  This is the advantage in building the garland directly on the railing rather than pre-making it and fastening it to the railing.  It adds to the simplistic, natural feel of the garland.
  • Inevitably the greens will dry throughout the month in the heat/air of being indoors.  To keep it looking fresh you can occasionally spritz/mist water over the greens.  This will keep them from becoming super fragile and brittle.  
  • Or, finally,  hire Rhosyn for all your garland and floral arrangements this Christmas.  Seriously, they do BEAUTIFUL work!