YYC Guide // Farmers Markets

One of my favourite things to do during the summer is frequent farmers markets.  In the past few years there have been more and more markets popping up in neighbourhoods around the city.  I love the whole vibe at local markets.  Even just making it into a date and spending Saturday morning or a weekday evening grabbing a coffee and wandering around the market is the best.  I have a few go-to markets that I look forward to spending time at.  We've even met and become familiar with some of the vendors and farmers so each time we go it feels like a little community.  Here is a look at my favourite markets in and around the city.  This is listed in order of my favourites because in the case of local markets I absolutely play favourites. 

  • Millarville Market.  This one is located south of Calgary at the Millarville Racetrack.  As much as I love local markets there are a few markets in the city that have set up shop year round and in the off season become more like a grocery store with imported produce than a local market.  This is the most authentic of the markets for me.  It runs on Saturday mornings from June-October.  Since it's located in the country it absolutely has a country living vibe.  You won't just see cowboy hats out there during the stampede.  Also, we have gotten to know the sweetest farmer called Mr.Heibert who drives a few hours each Saturday to be there to sell his home grown fruit and veggies.  He wears a straw hat and his hands are weathered and look like he's probably been working in the garden that very morning.  It adds to the charm for me.  We usually make a day trip of this, stop for coffee on the way out, enjoy the scenery and spend our time at this market.  Ugh. I just love it so much.
  • Marda Loop Farmers Market. This is a local neighbourhood market that has popped up in the last few years.  Marda Loop is our former neighbourhood so we are a little biased, we adore this part of the city.  It's on a small scale and runs from the parking lot of the community centre Saturday mornings during the summer.  Even though it's a smaller market it has vendors that carry everything you could want at a farmers market.  Bread, check.  Flowers, check.  Produce, check.  
  • Hillhurst/Sunnyside Market.  This is another neighbourhood market.  It's on a slightly larger scale, and! it's the only one of my favourite markets open during the week.  It's open Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  It's located in a very central neighbourhood and since it's during the week why not make a date night out of it?  Go to the market and then grab snacks and a glass in Kensington.