A few weekends ago we celebrated Fleur's launch.  In planning a launch party I knew I wanted to keep it authentic, intimate, and include the people who really understand and support what I am trying to create.  These friends have spent countless amounts of time listening to me and helping me go through the process of deciding I was brave enough to start Fleur, and then fully supporting and encouraging me when I took the first few steps.  I feel pretty strongly about surrounding myself with these kind of people.  The kind of people that leave you feeling filled up, inspired and better for having met them.  I honestly feel really lucky to get to know each person that celebrated with me.  We shared cocktails, broke bread, huddled under the patio heater and laughed until the wee hours of the morning. It was the perfect energy to send Fleur out into the universe with.  Here are some photos from #fleurlaunchparty!  


I'm so grateful to my friend Blair for taking photos for me the night of the party.  She always does a killer job, as you can see! 

Rhosyn created the flowers.  They stole the show.