Ritual // Saging

When we moved into our house, 3 years ago, I looked at it as a fresh start and a clean slate.  I knew that as we got settled our home would start to feel more like us, however, part of purchasing a home (when it's not brand new) is that other people have lived their lives there before you.  The idea of clearing the air seemed like a great start to living in our new space.  I began researching tips and techniques in how to cleanse the space and came across a native tradition called smudging.  

There are many pieces of Native American ritual that I feel drawn to.  I love the tradition and sacredness of the rituals and beliefs they've held for centuries.  Essentially native people believe that by burning dried sage bundles ((called smudging) and can include other dried plants, grasses and herbs as well) it purifies the air, releases negative energy, and attracts positivity.  Perfect!  Worth a shot!  I bought a sage stick, and proceeded to smudge our home.  Whether it was the intention behind it or the act of smudging is a mystery but,  it seemed to make a difference in how the house felt, and as a bonus made the house smell good as well.  Since then I sage our home regularly,  it's become part of our ritual.  

I usually smudge after a good clean,  before I practice yoga, if it starts feeling stagnant, or if the air in our house just needs a good refresher.  Here's what I do: 

  • Begin at the front door.
  • Light the sage bundle and once the flame is burning blow it out so it begins to smoulder/smoke.
  • Begin to walk around the house repeating blessings and good intention, allowing the smoke to trail around and make its way into the corners, around the windows, and throughout the open space.  Around the doors I say things like, "May any one who enter be blessed".  In our dining room, "Health, laughter, good food + friends".  In our office, "Prosperity, peace + blessing" etc.  
  • Continue throughout the entire space.
  • Once finished I allow my smudge stick to burn out naturally, or tamp the remaining embers out in a small bowl.  

Now even the smell of sage as I enter our home is a reminder of the blessing, good intention and love that that lives here.  Have you tried smudging?  What was your experience?  If you do try it out let me know what you think!

You can purchase sage, sweet grass and juniper bundles here and here in Calgary