Style // Brunch

As far as I'm concerned there is always a reason to get dressed up.  I read something Taylor Swift once said about why she is always photographed being dressed up while out and about in New York and she said, "Because New York is a city worth getting dressed up for".  How very Carrie Bradshaw of her right?  I love it.  Growing up this was instilled in me.  I remember even when we flew somewhere for vacation we went and got a special outfit to wear on the plane.  It wasn't something that happened every day so it was worth dressing up for.  There's something in the act of dressing up, you carry yourself differently, you feel differently, and in turn you act differently (in an elevated great sort of way).  This is generally my philosophy on going out anywhere, it's an occasion to dress up.  When we went to brunch a few weekends ago dressing up was in order, naturally.  

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