Wellness // How to Shift Your Mood

I'm pretty certain I'm not alone in having off days.   Those days when it feels like the universe is forcing you to stop what you're doing cause nothing is going the way you planned it.  Those days when you feel blah or glum or negative or all of the above.  Like you just wish the weather would turn miserable so you have an excuse to hole up inside and feel badly for yourself.  Sounds so dramatic, but it happens, so, I thought I would share how I usually get out of my slump and shift my mood.  

  • Do Yoga/Move your body.  Sometimes the physical act of moving your body is enough to shift whatever funk your in.  I like doing Yoga because it clears my head and really works to get the energy flowing through my body.  
  • Have a Shower/Bath.  I'm not a bath person but I am a believer in the element of water being able to heal.  I will hop in the shower and maybe pamper myself with a face mask or coconut oil scrub.  Baths are reserved for when I'm feeling sick and nothing else seems to be helping.  I like using epsom salts and few drops of lavender essential oils in my bath as well. 
  • Go for a Walk/Get Some Fresh Air.  When the air in your space begins to take on whatever negativity your experiencing it's good to get some fresh air.  I like going for a quick walk and getting my blood pumping and my lungs working.  Ultimately you're creating the energy around you and in your space, and therefore you can shift it.
  • Meditate/Make a List.  This doesn't have to be an intimidating experience.  If you don't have a regular meditation practice that's okay!  This could simply include closing your eyes and breathing in and out for 5-8 counts each and repeating a few times, or setting a timer and lying down for a few minutes.   I also find that taking a few minutes to acknowledge the good things in your life that you are grateful for is helpful.  Writing 5 things down on a post it and carrying it with you or sticking it somewhere you will notice it throughout the rest of the day stops the negativity and reminds you of the good in your life.  
  • Listen to your body! If all else fails in shifting your mood its best to do something great for yourself.  The other day I was having one of these days and eventually by 3:00 I decided that everyone has bad days and this was mine.  I went out, grabbed some ingredients to make pizza, put my comfy clothes on, opened up a bottle of wine and settled in for the evening with some mindless TV.  You know what?  I ended up feeling better.  I guess that was just what I needed.