Red Pink + Bubbly // Fave Wine Shops

I heart wine.  So, I wanted to start a series on the blog to share the love.  I'm calling it Red, Pink + Bubbly (since that is usually the selection of wine I go between).  I thought I would start it off by letting you in on where I shop for wine. From here each time I post this series I will be featuring 3 bottles that I've found, love and want to share: one red, one rosé, and one bubbly!  Sometimes going to find a great bottle can be a daunting prospect.  A) There are SO MANY wines to choose from, and B) How do you know if you can trust the person working at the shop to recommend something you're sure to enjoy?  Recently there have been great wine shops popping up around Calgary that have become the most trust worthy selection for me.  Even the experience you get while shopping at these stores reassures you that these people get it.  So, without further adieu here are the stores that I have come to rely on and trust for having the most delicious and unique selection of Red Pink + Bubbly...

  • Highlander (Richmond Road Location)  This has been our go-to place for the last many years.  I'm always super impressed with their selection, and sales.  Highlander always has great wines on sale for great prices each week.  (Tip: get on their email list!) Also, they have a points system so as you purchase wine your points rack up and once you have a certain number of points you can convert them into a dollar amount that will then be credited towards your purchase!
  • Vine Arts  I just recently discovered Vine Arts and fell in love.  Originally someone suggested going there for the selection of bitters (of which they have an entire wall full), but once inside I loved the unique selection of wine and liquor from brands I hadn't seen before.  James loves craft beer and these guys also have a tap in store where you can fill growlers with the rotating selection of beer!  This place checks all the boxes for us.  
  • J.Webb (CFM Location)  I love J.Webb's selection of Canadian wines since these are usually the ones I gravitate towards the most.  This location is beautiful and convenient as it's right across the way from the Calgary Farmers Market.  A one stop shop for the the best meats, produce, coffee, and wine.  They also have an in store tap with a rotating selection of beer to fill a growler with and take it home with you (which is always a win for James).  Out of all the shops I've recommended this one always has the most friendly and knowledgable staff.  Sometimes I have to drag James out of here because otherwise we will spend the entire afternoon discussing the beer selection.