Wellness // Simple Skin Care

My philosophy about skincare and diet has always been very straight forward.  Simple is best.  I like to be able to identify each ingredient as whole and natural.  Diet and skincare go hand in hand.  What I put in my body quite visibly reflects in how my skin looks.  I have struggled with my skin throughout my 20's, trying a million different products and regimes, never really feeling as though I was getting any traction.  Earlier this year my Naturopath helped me identify that dairy/yogurt was partially responsible for many of the break outs I was having and blemishes I was dealing with.  Since cutting yogurt out of my diet my skin has thanked me for it.  On top of that, I have found a super simple skin care regimen that has improved the overall texture and appearance of my skin.  Here are the three products I am using that have helped me feel more confident and beautiful in my own skin.  

  • Wash/Cleansing :  HERBIVORE Pink Clay Gentle Cleanse Clay Soap Bar.  I know, the idea of washing your face with a bar of soap is a little worrisome.  But, this does not dry out my skin at all, and leaves it feeling completely cleansed of all signs of makeup.  Also, this company has 3 different bars: Charcoal, Pink Clay, and Blue Clay that cater to your skin type.  
  • Moisturizing :  Rosehip Oil.  My naturopath recommended this to me after I complained about noticing signs of dryness and aging on my skin.  This oil has fixed those issues I was concerned about and acts as a great moisturizer.  It's light and absorbs nicely.  It doesn't feel like it clogs your pores as I have found other oils do. 
  • Exfoliant : HERBIVORE Pink Clay Gentle Exfoliating Floral and Clay Mask.  I use this 1-2 times/week.  Usually in the morning before applying my makeup.  It's like a mud mask.  It comes in powder form, you then add a little of the powder and a little water in your hand, apply it to your skin and allow it to dry.  Once it drys (and trust me you will feel it tighten) I use a warm wash cloth to take it off.  My skin feels so good after using this mask: smooth, moisturized and glowing.