Style // Braids

I'm a low maintenance hair person.  Like, as in, I don't own a hair dryer, I use dry shampoo more than actual shampoo, and up until last year I hadn't had my hair cut or coloured in 2 years.  I'd like to now use this opportunity to swear to you that I have very high standards when it comes to hygiene and it does actually matter to me that my hair look intentionally messy and somehow put together.  My hair routine looks something like this: wash/condition 2x/week,  allow to air dry, loosely throw a few curls through my hair, wait until the next wash and repeat.  It's also rare that I wear my hair in any other way other than down or in a high pony tail.  Now that I've convinced you about how low maintenance my hair is.. there are a few hair styles that have gotten my attention this summer and couldn't shake the idea of wanting to give them a try.  My good friend Dawn, (who is an amazing hair stylist with an admirable business philosophy, who has revolutionized hair painting, PLUS she's a really good human) agreed to help me attempt these styles.  I love how they turned out. The third look is my fave.  If I was able to dutch braid my own hair you literally wouldn't see my hair any other way.  Which style would you try?