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Around 6 years ago James and I decided we would attempt growing some vegetables.  Considering we both grew up in families where gardening was common practice you would have thought we had more knowledge than we actually did going into it.  When we decided it was something we were going to do we had no idea how much it would grow on us;).  I kind of have to laugh at where we started.  I remember first planting our seeds feeling anything but optimistic and completely lost in knowing how to plant the seeds, what were weeds vs. what was the actual vegetable sprouts, and never mind how to care for any of it.   It was mind boggling.  Since then, however, gardening has become a way of life for us.  When we moved into our current home the first thing we did was to build some raised garden boxes and a fence to enclose our precious garden.  We've evolved into avid gardeners, who are self-sustaining during the summer months, and have dreams of moving somewhere we are able to extend our growing season and garden size.  This year marked the first year that we were able to plant in March because of the warm temperatures and because James built cold frames to house our raised beds.  Since we planted so early in the season this year, our garden is now in full swing.  We are already able to use most of what we planted and forego supermarket produce shopping.  Here's a look at our thriving, beloved garden!  

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