Binge Watch // Inspiring Women

All the rain in YYC  has reminded me of fall and has me craving cozy nights in.  Documentaries are my favourite part of a cozy night in, especially the films that leave me feeling inspired and tingling with energy.  These documentaries are the epitome of that feeling.  Trust me, if you haven't seen these you MUST shut yourself in with a bottle of wine, some candles, cozy blankets, and popcorn and binge watch them all!   

  • Grey Gardens.  I am going to make a big statement here and say this is my favourite film ever.  I've watched it so many times I can't even count.  I think it's the fact that 'Little' Eddie doesn't give a s**t what anyone thinks of her.  She is who she is - eccentric, constantly bickering with her mother, still wishing she had been famous,  and curating each "costume for the day" from clothes that must be decades old.  Her creativity, her dysfunctional relationship with her mother, and that house is what makes this film absolute perfection.
  • Advanced Style.  This film stirs the idea of focusing our collective attention on women who have lived their lives, aged gracefully and are now in their 60's/70's/80's/90's and have embraced who are they are - living works of art.  What a positive and inspiring shift from the unobtainable perfection of looking forever young.  My favourite line from this movie was by Dita Von Tease who said, "..I see my future in these women.."  Me too Dita, me too.
  • Iris Apfel.  An artist in the truest sense.  This film was actually directed by one of the same directors of Grey Gardens, which in and of itself makes it worth watching.  I felt so inspired throughout the duration of this movie.  Iris has such a strong sense of self, and possess a stunning collection of fashion, and art, and jewelry and life, and such a beautiful perspective on what it means to live life to the fullest, even at 94. 
  • Finding Vivian Maier.  Vivian Maier was a photographer from the 50's who was never famous until a student bought her entire life's worth of unclaimed belongings in a storage unit much after she had passed away.  This is the story of her life, and the journey of this amazing discovery.  Her photographs capture 1950's Chicago through a stunning and candid eye.  You can't help but feel inspired by her amazing perspective.
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