Cheers to 30!

Today marks the day that I turn 30. Happy new decade to me!  I've been very aware that this has been coming since the beginning of 2016.  It may have even been the first thought I had as we entered the New Year.  Because of that I feel like it was more daunting to reach this next decade of life in January than it has been in the weeks and days leading up to the inevitable.  I felt very much like I was at a crossroads the beginning of this year.  Friends and those around us were starting families and the direction of their life was taking shape because of that.  James and I don't have children, and while it's something that we discuss regularly it isn't something we are planning.  I did a lot of self work and figuring and writing and discussing with James to find clarity and purpose in nearing 30.  Most of my close friends have already entered their 30's and they're rocking it.  Having women you admire move into the next faze of their lives with grace and confidence and being so empowered made me feel excited to get to do the same.  Starting this blog and my YouTube channel was definitely a process in owning this new place and age of my life and feeling very sure of the direction I want to be headed in and the legacy I'm hoping to achieve.  I'm the kind of person who is constantly evolving and re-evaluating the place that I'm at in life.  Today I'm excited to be 30.  I've never felt so sure of who I am.  So deeply happy with the life I get to live.  So thankful for the people we have in our lives, a tribe who are supportive and genuinely championing for me.  I feel healthy and empowered.  I've never felt like I could own women as a title because I always felt a little too unsure, a little more like I was between a girl and women, but I feel it now.  I feel proud to be the woman that I've worked so hard to become and excited to join the 30's.  Tonight I'm spending time with 3 of my favourite people watching a movie in our backyard and drinking too much champagne.  Cheers to 30! 

Photo Credit || Blair Marie Photography