Entertaining // FLWRS

This post represents three of my favourite things: Sarah, Entertaining, and Flowers.  Luckily for me, Sarah and these two things go together very naturally.  Let me explain.  I met Sarah on Instagram a few years ago.  We started following each other and then eventually decided to meet for coffee.  We slowly got to know each other over coffee dates during the next few years.  At our coffee date at the beginning of 2016 Sarah announced that her, her husband, Sam, and their son, Zeke would be moving back to their homeland - Aus.  Maybe it was the awareness of limited time with each other that accelerated our relationship with them, but within this year Sarah, Sam, James and I spent lots of time getting to know each other and they quickly became very close friends.  Sarah loves flowers as much as I do and she happens to be super talented in creating and teaching others to create stunning arrangements.  It's part of her.  The entertaining part of the equation is that Sarah and Sam are passionate about connecting with people.  And for me entertaining is all about connection and relationship created when sharing a meal together/having people in our home.  They left such an impression on me with their genuine love of people and openness toward creating opportunity for connection with everyone around them.  Being around them I learned about how to be in fulfilling, healthy, genuine relationship with others.  You know the kind of people who are just magnetic to be around and leave you feeling like a more elevated and beautiful human?  Sarah and Sam are those people.  

So, naturally I wanted to collaborate with Sarah before they left Canada.  I wanted to combine entertaining and flowers and document the creative process with Sarah.  I went and collected a random mix of fresh flowers, Sarah came over, we opened a bottle of Rosé and created these individual arrangements for each place setting.  The idea behind these individual place sized arrangements was to create something special that each guest could take home with them.  We used peat moss seed starting containers as the "vase", filled each with a small piece of green floral foam, and proceeded to fill them with flowers.  You could truly use any variety and mix of flowers to create these.  Part of the sentiment is using your own creativity and adding your own unique vision.  I used place setting cards but you could also use twine and attach a name card and maybe even sweet note on the back if you're so inclined.  I think the finished product is an accurate representation of all the things I was hoping to create/capture in a flower arrangment: beauty, connection, and creativity.