Garden Harvest Recipe // Heirloom Tomatoes

The time has come for us to begin harvesting veggies from our garden.  We had a really good season despite it being an unpredictable one.  Aside from a little wind damage everything has survived and thrived up until this point.  As we begin the process of using things up I thought I would share some of our go-to recipes that have been on repeat in our kitchen. First up tomatoes..

Caprese Salad - Super duper simple.  Which in my opinion is always the best way to cook, as long as you start with fresh, whole ingredients.  I just recently learned the proper way to prepare caprese salad. Use only good quality olive oil and some salt and pepper.  Read no balsamic vinegar, which turns out to be a huge mistake.  Heirloom tomatoes are best in this salad.  Another tip in preparing this salad is to tear the basil with your fingers, skip chopping it with the knife.  It crushes it and looses flavour to your cutting board.

Ingredients:  Tomatoes. Fresh Basil. Burrata. Good quality EVOO.  Coarse Salt (I used this one). Freshly Ground Pepper.

  • Slice some different coloured tomatoes in thick slices.  Cut each slice in quarters.  
  • Tear Burrata and Basil and add to tomatoes.  
  • Sprinkle with salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.  
  • Finish by drizzling with Olive Oil.  Try not to eat entire salad to yourself (unless you can get away with it).

Roasted Heirloom Tomato Soup - The name of this soup sounds fancy but again it's a super simple recipe.  This one take a little more prep time because you need to roast the tomatoes for 1hr. Aside from the time commitment though, it's very easy to throw together.  It's the perfect comfort food meal.  Pair it with some grilled cheese sandwiches, put on a good movie and you're set for a cozy evening.  

Ingredients: Tomatoes.  2-4 Garlic Cloves. Wildly Delicious Thyme + Lemon Salt. Fresh Ground Pepper.  EVOO.  Chilli Flakes.  1qt. Chicken/Veg Stock. 

  • Slice tomatoes in half and arrange cut side up on a baking sheet( I do enough to fill 1 sheet). 
  • Wrap 4 garlic cloves in tinfoil and add to tray.  Drizzle tomatoes with Olive Oil and sprinkle generously with Salt and Pepper.  Roast at 400f for 1hr.
  • Once tomatoes are done, add tomatoes and accumulated juices to a large pot.  Take garlic from packet and squish from the skin into pot.  Add Chilli Flakes depending on how much spice you like and 4 cups of chicken or veg stock. I use the immersion blender and blend in the pot until smooth.  
  • Finish up by simmering uncovered on low heat for 15-20 min.  Use that time to throw together some grilled cheese sandwiches.  Cozy up and enjoy!  

||Roasted Heirloom Tomato Soup Recipe adapted from this recipe.||