Craving Autumn // Candles

Is it too early to admit that I'm beginning to crave all things fall?  Of course there are things that come with the cooler season that I'm not looking forward to, mainly snow.  But, around mid-August it's obvious that the sun is coming up a little more lazily each morning and along with it the air feels a little more crisp.  I start to feel like nesting around this time each year.  I begin searching out candles in the scents of autumn and spice (and everything nice), extra blankets and sweaters to cozy up in, chilli, and the sound of football season on the tv in the background.  It's the best because it's just far enough away to start to look forward to, while still getting to enjoy the hot September sun, and all the outdoor pleasures of summer.  Inevitably the cooler temperatures will come as will wanting to hibernate.  Candles are the epitome of a cozy night in.  I always have candles burning in the evening.  They kind of make up for the fact that we don't have a fireplace.  So, here is a list of my must have candles as we approach autumn. 

Vancouver Candle Co. Gastown  - These are my favourite candles to have around.  They are a small bath candle company that names each of their scents after neighbourhoods in Vancouver.  My go to scent in the spring/summer n Fairview, which is more citrusy and light.  Come fall, Gastown it is.  It's a more masculine, warm, leathery scent that evokes all the best cozy feelings.  

Voluspa Capri Blue Volcano - This is a classic Anthropologie candle.  It smells amazing.  There's nothing quite like it.  Also, the candle display in Anthrologie right now is STUNNING which makes the trip to load up on candles worth it.  Also, you can purchase this scent in different colours and styles of glass and grass containers.  Which of course I bought one of each!

Okanagan Candle Co.  BC Orchards - We discovered this small batch candle company while we were on our Summer Vacation back in August.  This apple scented candle is delicious.  It doesn't even need to be burning to make your room smell like a mixture of fresh apples wth a reminder that apple pies are coming soon.  Plus, it fits perfectly on the shelf James just built!