Book Club // What I'm Reading

If there were categories of what kind of reader you are I'd fall heavily into the "love reading when I've found something worth devouring" category.  I'm not the kind of person who always has to have a book on the go. I'm not what you might consider a book worm, and I tend to gravitate less toward fiction and more toward non-fiction self-help books.  I guess the kind of reader I am is very reflective of the kind of person I am.  What I tend to read is something intentional and valuable. If I start and it doesn't resonate, I'll never finish it.  But if I start and it deeply resonates its only a matter time (sometimes within hours) and I've completed it and want to tell those who came to mind during it that they'd love it too.  (I love having friends who follow through and read something and then can discuss and mull it over with me).  This year I've read through 3 books that I devoured, loved, left and impression and wanted to share.  

BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert- This book is about living a creative life.  It's about giving yourself the permission to live creatively.  It's about inspiration coming you and if you aren't open to embrace it, it will find someone else to inspire.  I've read this book over and over because there are so many game changing ideas to embrace.  I've told every person I know about this book. ( I think James had heard me talk about this book so much that he decided he'd better read it as well so he's almost all the way through). I think it's required reading because it's just that good.

SCARY CLOSE by Donald Miller- I was excited to read this book because of the author.  His writing is beautiful and poetic.  This story of vulnerability and his journey to his relationship with his now wife is no exception. It's reminiscent of Brene Brown's study of vulnerability but in a more personal journey kind of way.  I love reading about and exploring the idea of what it means to be in relationship, and this book explored that in a beautiful, honest light.

THE GIRLS by Emma Cline - This is the only fiction book I've read this year.  When I heard about it's premise: girls in the 60's, a cult, and murder,  I couldn't wait to read it!  It was my summer vacation beach read.  I enjoyed it all the way through.  It's well written, captivating, and a little edgy.