Faves // Ten Things


Friday!  And Friday the 13th no less.  We're planning a sushi and champagne date at home tonight, I'm literally counting down the minutes.  I thought I would leave you with a compilation of 10 of my current faves for your weekend.  Every single one of these things have been in rotation around here the last few weeks.  Hope you have the best weekend.  I, for one, am looking forward to warmer temps, sunshine, and maybe even a little trip to the mountains!

1. I'm back to a regular yoga practice.  It makes a world of difference in how I feel, what I eat, and even my productivity levels.  I LOVE going to a couple of classes a week but, there have been a few days over the last few weeks that have just been too dang snowy or cold to make it to a studio class.  So, instead I set up my mat in our house, lit some candles and incense to create some calming ambiance and felt proud of myself for keeping up with my intention of practicing a few times a week.  When I started practicing yoga 6 years ago I did it exclusively from home. Funny fact the first time I ever set foot into a yoga studio or took a class was the first day I started yoga teacher training. Here are a few great YouTube channels if you're looking to start a yoga practice at home:  Yoga With Adriene + Yoga By Candace 

2.  We've been eating a plant based diet for the last 3 or 4 months.  I've been vegetarian before but this is the first time that James has taken the plunge.  We're both feeling really clear minded and more healthy after eating this way.  This has been a great way to shake up our routine/go-to dinners.  We've been challenged to be way more creative and even adventurous in recipes and diet.  I recently put a bunch of Vegan and Vegetarian cookbooks on hold at the library.  I feel like this is a great way to test them out before adding them to our ever growing cookbook collection.  This one has been our favourite so far.  The recipes are do-able, accessible and delicious! 

3. I've talked before about how much I LOVE candles here , and how I sage our home regularly here.  For Christmas I got all stocked up on my favourite candles so I have them burning non-stop when we are around home.  When we visited Vancouver last fall I went to a beautiful little shop and purchased Palo Santo incense.  The combination of these smells is AMAZING.  I love when we get back home and our entire house smells like these things now. So good.

4. James and I had agreed not to exchange gifts with each other at Christmas but neither of us could actually go along with that idea.  We didn't go over board but we each had something small to open Christmas morning.  One of the things I bought for him was this game.  We've been addicted ever since.  I think everyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I'm not really a games person, however James is.  This game has made me that person who brings their deck of cards with them wherever they go, or busts them out if anyone comes over.  It's SO much fun!

5. Whenever I'm at home I like having podcasts on.  There's something comforting about the background noise.  I've discovered a few really good ones that have become staples.  They have even started replacing Netflix in the evenings cause they're that good. Loving these ones:  here + here + here

6. James is the one most likely to put on records or have music play at home.  When it comes to this band, however, we both race to put their new record on in the evenings.  This might be a big statement but I think I can say that they are my favourite band.  Their new album is gold. Go listen!

7. Again for Christmas we got this lightbox.  It lives in our kitchen.  Since we brought it home James and I have been taking turns leaving little messages on it each day.  It always makes me smile and it's fun to change it up each day. 

8. During the winter months here it's DRY.  Without fail each winter I end up with eczema on my knuckles and the struggle is real to keep the rest of my skin from being flaky, tight, and dry af.  So, a few months ago I splurged knowing that this struggle would take place.  I purchased this face oil and it's been the best thing ever.  My skin is super hydrated, and even feels bright and happy.  It is indeed a splurge but I figure it's one of those things that's an investment to my health and long term beauty.  Plus, I'd heard so much about it I needed to give it a go.  The good thing is you can really make it last.  A few drops and no more dry flakey tight feeling skin.

9. Of course I'm dreaming of warmer weather and a getaway.  I can get lost in checking our Airbnb and other hotel websites.  Currently checking out L.A. and Palm Springs of course.  What's on you list of travel for this year?

10. Finally!  As a part of healthy living we've stocked our usual beer shelf in the fridge with kombucha.  This one is local and you can also bring a growler and have it filled at a few places across the city. SO many health benefits and we both love how it tastes!

**Have the best weekend!  If there's anything I mentioned here that you would like me to delve into further let me know and I will see what I can do!