2017 and it feels so right.  Entering into a New Year has become a process and ritual for us.  There's a lot of journaling, dreaming, evaluating, planning, discussing and intention that goes into the last days of December and the first days of January.  The only parameter we put around goal setting is this:  Have a vision that's bigger than our resources.  

When I first came across those words a few years ago it completely shifted the way I projected my hopes and dreams for the future.  It's amazing to become aware of the limitations we put on ourselves without even being aware that we are doing it.  We're taught to be realistic so we don't set ourselves up for disappointment.  I've definitely fallen into doing this and still struggle to shed those "realistic" yet oh-so-limiting beliefs.  How much bigger would we dream if we didn't need to consider things like resources, current financial situation, judgment, the chance of rejection, the potential sting of being open and vulnerable?  Is it possible that just by freeing yourself of those limitations you're inviting something bigger than you could have ever imagined?  Even in considering having a vision that's bigger than my resources has been a breaking open process. Breaking me open to be completely honest with myself first and foremost has been illuminating.  What does it feel like to have things in writing that seem embarrassing to want, completely crazy to dream, or intimidating to pursue?  It feels embarrassing, crazy, and intimidating...followed by a sense of freedom.  

I've inadvertently become good at being small minded and putting my hopes and dreams within the confines of a box.  And, as a part of that, hanging onto the things that once worked best.  The things that once felt comfortable. The base line that we had worked so hard to create for ourselves.  2016 was quite a year, but within that year I experienced a lot of personal shifts.  Important shifts.  Disruptive shifts.  Shifts that stirred things up and cracked open the walls of comfort, the stagnancy, the box, the complacency.  And for that I'm grateful.  Looking back I recognize that a lot of those shifts happened as I was trying so hard to hold onto the baseline / normality / consistency that had worked for us for a time.  It's become clear in reflecting about the last year that those things that once held true no longer apply.  That in moving forward and shedding those habits will open us up to a whole new world of opportunity and growth and space for the things we can't achieve if we hang on.  Releasing the things that no longer serve is a practice of being okay to live outside of our comfort zone, and to whole heartedly embrace evolution and change in the anticipation of great things.  

 In every way the previous year sets the stage for the next, which is another reason that planning for the upcoming year carries such value.  Inevitably the same process will happen in December 2017 no matter how this year turns out.  So, the best we can do is be brave, take time, reflect, shake off those limitations and prepare for this year to set the stage for our wildest dreams to take shape.  2017 is going to be magic.  I hope you feel great shifts, feel free from limitations, and have a vision that's bigger than your resources!

Photo by Kaihla Tonai