Life Lately

I should have titled this post, "finding balance" or perhaps, "the ramblings of a mental patient".  Both would be true of how January has felt for us.  There's a lot of really exciting things going on behind the scenes (there are some exciting posts and changes coming soon) but a glimpse into our day-to-day would reveal a lot of going through the routine, striving for balance and acting a whole lot like hundred-year-olds.  I asked James the other day if someone were to describe the following evening scene to him how old he might guess that the people in the story were. Dinner at 5:30, kitchen tidy, tea on the stove, cookies in the oven.  Bed, snuggles and a movie at 7:30, and fall asleep by 9 sometimes earlier.  (Earlier than I'd ever admit to). He said 100. That ages us by 70 years.  

I find myself having a lot of conversations about finding balance.  So many that I'm starting to wonder if that's something that we make up to make ourselves feel better or if it's something that truly does exist.  There are boundaries that happen out of necessity.  We put boundaries around our time in order to create some sense of balance.  We'd love to spend lots of time with every human in our life but instead we book in one dinner each weekend to hopefully reconnect with friends and experience life-giving connection.  Which in turn means that we are booking in those sacred times well into the end of February.  There are choices that we make each day, like, do I spend time meal planning and grocery shopping or carve time out to go to Yoga class?  Do I work on putting together our taxes, or take time for meetings and brainstorming and writing?  Do I grab something quickly/forget to eat lunch, or take the time to actually prepare something healthy and nourishing?  And I of course can't speak to being a mom or having children on top of everything, only that I SO admire the women in my life who are then choosing to be a mom on top of it all.  I do feel a sense of duty and responsibility to Finn, that often I feel guilty for not getting him to the park every day.  Trust me, he's one of the most spoiled pets you'll ever meet but he's our baby and I want to do my job as dog mama well.  The last few weeks the struggle has been real.  I started feeling as though the winter blues had gotten the best of me.  The choice to find balance was a real effort.  

I like to think of life happening in seasons, just as happens in 12 months of the year.  This season of our life feels very transitional.  James and I are action oriented people.  Once we set our minds to something we execute it quickly.  This transitional season is difficult because we are both craving change.  We just got through a dreaming and planning for the New Year phase and now we have to wait for things to take shape and transpire the way that we intend.  BUT, we are figuring it out, day by day, week by week.  And I know we're not alone.

Last weekend we headed out to the mountains.  Something about just getting away from it all.  Sometimes it's the best thing, and the only thing I know to do to get perspective and rest.  My only complaint about the weekend is that it wasn't long enough.  XX