The other day I caught myself wishing time away.  Because transition into anything can be uncomfortable and uncertain.  Even though transitioning into a new year feels in a lot of ways like forward motion in others it can feel like moving forward only to settle back into routine.  For me it's equally exciting and difficult.   I think routine is super important but I crave change to happen quickly and am not great at being patient.  There's an energy of inspiration, newness and change in the air this time of year and yet living in such a cold climate almost forces waiting. So, this week has been a lot of uncomfortable transition, and settling into routine.  

As soon as I heard myself wishing time away I also remembered that sometimes seasons of waiting, planning, quiet, routine, and cold are necessary.  Looking back over the last few years it's been during those times that things are in the works.  Something is bubbling up just below the surface.  The routine is what allows balance and strength and focus to happen so that when I finally feel movement I have enough energy to embrace it.  It's what propels us forward.  Perhaps it's also a necessary transitional season because we've put such high expectations and goals on ourselves for the year ahead.  There has to be time in which we can begin implementing and allowing change to saturate our daily lives moving forward.  

So, all week has been both starting anew and returning to necessary routine.  I have started practicing yoga again both in the studio and at home.  I've been spending a lot of time writing and reading.  I've cooked plant based dinners each night this week and sent homemade lunches for James each day.  We've been rising before 6 each morning and our evenings are spent quietly at home.  I've paid bills, stocked our fridge, braved driving through the snow.  It's been comforting.  And I've felt resistant and thankful all at once.  But it's a season.  Change is in the works.  Now is the time to plan for what's ahead while enjoying the moments that being here in the now means.  

And, with that, I wanted to share some photos from our home session that we did a few weeks ago with Kaihla Tonai.  I seriously can't get enough.  She perfectly put into photos what home + me + James + Finn feels like.   (And why I can't complain about this cold January that calls for a lot of home and cuddling) XX