Weekend Scene // Brunch Date

One of the things James and I talked a lot about going into this year was that we felt strongly that we wanted to make time to go on dates.  The last few years we focused our attention on finding connection with other humans and couples.  It was something we were intentional about doing.  We felt as though we wanted to find real, deep connection, genuine community, and just good human beings to do life alongside.  This year as we began reviewing the last few years and what we'd accomplished and where we were at we realized that we are surrounded with that good connection and have gotten to know and befriend the best of the best in the last couple of years.  We feel very fulfilled in that area and so moving into this year it's less about finding that connection and more about enriching the relationships we have, including our own.

We've been together for 11 years (married for 6).  We love doing life together and spend most of our time with each other.  Even still I think it's easy to become complacent or lazy about being intentional to go out and spend time just the two of us doing something that carves out space for good conversation, connection, fun and just plain getting out of the house together.  Another habit that we have started is that while we have coffee each Monday morning we go through our respective day planners together.  Last week we made sure that before anything else was written down or filling our evenings and weekends we scheduled our date.  I literally looked forward to our Saturday brunch date all week!  

Our favourite place in the city for brunch is The Nash.  It's in our favourite neighbourhood, Inglewood, it's gorgeous (heart eyes), they make killer cocktails, and each weekend they have freshly made cinnamon buns (just thinking of them are causing me to drool as I write this).  I don't know what it is but James and I are really good at restaurant dates.  It sparks good conversation, it's engaging, and we leave feeling more on the same page, connected, and excited to start planning our next date.  I'm working on keeping my phone in my bag so that it's all quality time, but I did of course take the camera out to document the first of many dates this year.