All These Years

We are celebrating 7 years of marriage this weekend!  I always preface our wedding anniversary by saying that we've actually been together 12 years and married 7.  I think that's an important part of our story.  Important because James and I have always focused on how to best do the relationship that works for us.  And, I never liked the idea that your relationship is only acknowledged for the number of years married.  We actually lived a lot of life together before having a ceremony one day, saying vows, and signing a legally binding document.  And all of that is an incredibly monumental and important part of our 12 year story but not all of it.  We moved cities, moved in together, bought a home together, adopted Finn together, grew up together...all before choosing to get married.  From the very beginning James and I were intentionally building a life together.  We knew what we wanted marriage (one day) and relationship to look like.  We knew connection, respect, creating home, and constantly seeking out the best way to love, and in turn articulating how to best be loved were key.  

James and I are both pretty sensitive souls.  We are decisive and take life decisions seriously. I think we both knew right from the beginning that we wanted to be together, and that we were going to commit to doing so in forming a relationship.  And we managed to forge all of that within the first few years.  Because foundation means something.  And that's our foundation.  All those years of figuring out who we were, both together and separately, of learning how to do life together, what we wanted and didn't want out of life, where we wanted to go, who we wanted to be, 

And in so many ways, being here, now is where we wanted to be, where we wanted to get, how we wanted connection to look and love to feel.  Marriage only bound those things together for us.  It became the thread that wove it all together tightly.  Our relationship has never felt like work.  It feels like the most important and natural part of us.  We still choose.  We still grow.  We still strive to build something meaningful and beautiful together. We still don't have all the answers. We still have lots of dreams and a bigger vision of where we want to get, and who we want to become.  Our vows have held true, and yet evolved and changed along with us.  We are building, and growing. These years all continue to forge and weave.  

Beyond any number, we possess a rich and deep connection that is our magic, and for which time only makes me more thankful and blessed.  I love marriage because of the person I married. 

Photos by Emily