Mountain Getaway

There are a handful of places on earth that I feel magically drawn to and super connected with.  Each one involves a story, includes people we love, and feels like an important part of our lives in some way.  These spots feel like a piece of home because we've shared a home cooked meal, connection, wine, and been surrounded by beauty each time we've been there.  Something special, that feels the most us, and keeps calling us back.  

The first time this place in the mountains became one of those select few for us was three years ago.  I wanted to do something unexpected and really special to celebrate James for his birthday.  In the end it was camping in the mountains with our dear friends that seemed to check all the boxes.  It was a pretty elaborate surprise.  We booked a few trappers tents and everyone conspired to get all the supplies and themselves out to the campground without James knowing. It wasn't until he'd followed a hand drawn treasure map and arrived to the ultimate surprise that he had any idea what was going on.  Our weekend was filled with meals cooked over the campfire, adventuring/exploring through the woods, late nights, bear spray, and beer.  It's still one of my favourite memories, and most epic surprises I've ever pulled off.


Since James's surprise weekend we've made a point of going back each summer.  The mountains, the camp fire and the tents/teepees beckon us back.  Each trip has been beautiful and special in it's own right.  We've been able to recreate and share the experience and magic of our first trip with more friends, James's famous chilli, and wine around the camp fire.

We had worked with Michelle and Shane on a shoot earlier this year in Drumheller.  Michelle's work is stunning. I knew we'd be fast friends because as we were planning our first shoot our conversations would start out with us talking about the shoot and quickly turn into being on the phone for nearly an hour chatting fashion, style and just life.  Turns out we worked really well together, became friends and share a very similar sense of style.  After our first shoot together the 4 of us ended up going out for drinks late into the night.  They are both super talent humans, and share the most beautiful connection with each other.  (We all know there's nothing I love more than genuine, beautiful and healthy marriages/partnerships.)  Sharing our spot in the mountains with them seemed like the best idea. We had the best time and Michelle captured everything as only she could.

Every time we've worked on a shoot I end up saying that it was my favourite one to be a part of.  There's something about having a vision, connecting other creatives, and seeing all the beauty come together that gives me those super inspired chills.  It's given me the opportunity to be creative and combine all the elements of what I love into one project. This shoot holds a special place in my heart, though, because of the location and the experience we've shared with some really good humans.  Creating beauty in the midst of the mountains is such a special way to experience camping and the outdoors.  (Also, when I approached Sunny about creating these stunning florals for this shoot she was excited to be a part of it because her family also has a special connection with this location.)  It's all the magic of connection and the mountains that made this time around really special.  I already can't wait to go back!