The Stuff of Life

I'm currently sitting at our dining table as I write this.  It's been snowing for a few days now, and there are few things I love more than a Friday afternoon, candles burning, in our warm home, preparing for a cozy and much needed weekend.  

Life has been full lately.  We live in such a busy world.  People wear busy like a badge of purpose. I don't subscribe to busy because I don't want to be too busy.  Too busy for the people and things that mean the most to me.  Abundance and fullness are much better words and somehow include all those people and things that busy leaves out.  The truth is that this busyness has caused us to review and make a few adjustments.  It's not a bad thing to take inventory, realize what can fall away, and what's integral to doing life the way you want to and in being the person you want to be.  Especially before you're too busy to take stock, only to finally have time one day to realize you've been filling your life with things that aren't who you want to be.   

There have been a few occasions in the last week that kind of make me pause because in those moments I feel like I'm living the life I've always dreamed of.  Quietly fulfilling my purpose, living out the idea in my head of the kind of person I hoped to be, and again feeling a little nudge from the universe of what's important and in turn highlighting what's not. 

Going to a pottery class (something that I've forever wanted to try) with one of my favourite people, drinking wine, laughing, creating and looking down at my boots to see them covered in muddy clay water (which I still haven't cleaned off cause I love this memory too much).  Saying yes to an in-home photo shoot with a couple from Germany who wind up feeling like old friends and in that space in time somehow our paths crossed, and we shared wine and laughed and when they have to leave they tell you there's a German expression that goes something like, "be prepared, because in life you always meet twice".  Writing in our schedule for the coming week that Saturday is a 'just us day' and it makes us smile a little each time we see it because we are looking forward to that day more than any other day, Those are the things.  The moments.  The abundance.  The person I want to be, and the ways I want to spend this life.

Photos by said German photographer Alina Atzler