Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!! December has flown by and suddenly Christmas holidays are here!  I can't even begin to express how much I am looking forward to the next 11 days.  We decided to spend time just the three of us doing whatever it is that makes our hearts happy.  I think the next few days are going to include lots of matching pyjama time, and all the Christmas movies we haven't yet watched this year (mainly It's a Wonderful Life, and A Christmas Carol).  A break from the everyday and a transition into vaca mode and then the beginning of a new year!

I spent time this morning going through photos from this year.  Mostly I couldn't believe how much we'd packed into 12 months.  We covered a lot of ground, learned a lot, met new people, made amazing friends, grew, took our business to a whole new level, celebrated 7 years of marriage, hosted loads of dinner parties, created, worked hard, and wound up here, feeling really blessed and extrordinarily hopeful.  

If this year needed to be titled it would simply be called, "Doing the work".  Doing the work to accomplish all the things we did, to grow together, to be healthier, to feel happier, to lay new foundation, to release the things that were no longer serving us, to be in relationship with fellow imperfect humans. All with hopes of moving forward in a bigger, more life giving, meaningful way.   

The best is yet to be - 2018 is going to be more beautiful than this one.  Thanks for being a part of our lives, for supporting and loving us.  We are so thankful.  May your Christmas be merry and bright. We will be drinking wine while cozied up in our igloo together. Can't wait to share more of our lives here in the coming year.  Cheers friends!  Go celebrate the things worth celebrating! Xx

Photos by Meghan Doering