Roadtrips + Memories

Last night James and I were talking about how memories are not comprised of facts but feelings. What you remember is how something made you feel.  Even when certain senses trigger very specific memories it is almost always tied to the emotion of that past event or moment in time.  I love remembering certain trips we took or drives we went on, or things that in the moment didn't seem overly important but now when thinking back on them I'm flooded with happiness, fondness, love, good, and all the warm fuzzy's.  I love the idea of memories triggering certain feelings and remembering something so clearly because of those feelings.  Whenever we go on a trip somewhere I always have this idea that I want to purchase a new perfume.  Because smell is one of the most powerful senses when it comes to memory.  When we were in Vancouver last year I wore this perfume and now every time I smell that specific scent it instantly transports me.  

Recently I've been thinking a lot about a trip we took this time last year.  It was a spur of the moment road trip to the Okanagan and I've been re-living those memories/feelings over and over again in my head over the last few weeks.  

It's also really interesting to think back to exactly a year ago.  We were in such a different place in life.  I was such a different human.  And only one year ago!  I hadn't yet started this blog, but we had just purchased our camera to use for taking photos for this big blogging experiment.  A year ago I never would have shared these photos because they weren't perfect nor did they live up to the ridiculous standards or limitations I had set on myself.  But, they are filled with such wonderful memories and feelings.  Looking back it was one of my favourite road-trips we've taken together.  (Although you'll be hard pressed to hear me talk about a road trip we've taken together without saying it was one of my favourite ever).  Thinking back on it transports me to a place I love and out of this snow globe February in Calgary and I wouldn't change anything (including the photos) for anything in the world.    

All these feels have me madly making plans for our first 2017 road trip!  What is your favourite road-trip memory?