Drumheller // Weekend Playlist

Last weekend we adventured to Drumheller Alberta.  It's a stunning part of the world. Adventures + photos is my kind of day.  Plus its a nice little day trip and I don't know about anyone else but long drives are when James and I have the most life-giving convo.  We often end up turning the podcast off or the music way down because we get into such great conversation.  Re-connection.  It's where a lot of sparks fly for idea, thoughts, change, growth, learning etc.  Dinner and road-trips are where the magic happens.  (Which for some reason makes me think of the Seinfeld episode where George has a phone conversation with a new girl and talks about how great they are on the phone together....anyone?) 

And since it's the weekend once again (My blog posts skip the week stuff altogether and cut straight to the fun of life) I couldn't wait to share some of these gorgeous photos from last weekend.  And a little playlist to go along with all things last weekend of March.   I hope it inspires road-tripping and adventuring!  Xx

Photos by Blair