Colours of Spring

I'm finally feeling my creative juices flowing again!  It's taken awhile.  Creativity isn't something that just surfaces at my beck and call.  For me creativity is a sort of magic that seems to just happen when it happens. Seemingly at random.  And when it hits you grasp it and run.  It's deeply associated with the seasons both figuratively and literally.  And it's finally March!  We've turned a corner and I feel hope and creativity returning all at once.     

The other day I looked around and realized that my whole life was an outward reflection of what I'd been feeling and the season we are at the tail end of.  Our house was unorganized.  Stuff was piling up in our cupboards, drawers, closets, basement, spare rooms, everywhere.  Even looking in the mirror it occurred to me that my whole wardrobe had somehow taken the shape of winter, no colour, and on constant repeat.  All of this is out of the ordinary for us, for me, for our home and lives.  And I realized it needed to change.  Purging and deep cleaning was in order.  The desire to spring clean hit like the inspiration and creativity I'd been waiting on.  I spent the better part of a day trying to right what the winter and the stresses and frustration and fog had done over months. It's amazing how tackling one thing at a time can energetically relieve a whole lot of the stress that's piled on.  

Everything works in tandem.  What you are feeling on the inside is reflected in your external environment and vice versa.  The seasons of the calendar year are often indicative of change and new feelings and correlate to times and seasons in your life.  The fact that it's March, the fact that my environment has now been cleared and organized and put back in order, and I've started to tackle things that have contributed to the mess that was winter this year means that I'm starting to feel lighter.  I'm beginning to feel hope and creativity and a new season approach.  Along with it I'm finding inspiration again, I just ordered some new clothes to add to my wardrobe that have colour in them, and I'm ready to breathe new life into the areas of my life that felt heavy and cluttered over the last few months.  So, happy spring!  Can't wait to share all this new inspiration and creativity with you here!  

Photos by Blair (who helped get me out of the colourless, uninspired winter)