Update + Changes

Change and evolution is essential.  It's a natural part of life whether you resist it or welcome it with an open heart.  I'd like to think of myself as more the later, however, I won't lie or say that there haven't been times and details that I resist as whole heartedly as I wish I welcomed them.  

The beginning of 2017 prompted a lot of resistance, a lot of uncomfortable shifts, a lot of re-evaluating.  How to evolve.  How to allow all aspects of my life to feel open to change.  Which direction to grow etc. etc.  

I'm sure everyone has reached that point at one time or another.  I've always thought of it like this:  As soon as major shifts are in the works, as soon as that single thought enters your mind, whether you resist it at first or feel as though it's the epiphany you were waiting for there's a reason that you've felt prompted.  There's a reason that that seed of thought entered your mind.  And you can't un-think it.  You'll have to deal with it at some point.  You'll have to either say yes or say no.  Because if you stay neutral it will forever be that dull ache somewhere deep within.  The source of what-if.  

The seed that was planted the beginning of this year was embracing the change and growth I felt within this space online.  Although it's been pretty quiet on the blog for the last several weeks there has been lots of behind the scenes work, both creatively, logistically, and personally happening to allow for this change and growth to happen.  Along with a new season, the buds on the trees, the small of rain in the air, my creative process has shifted and I've been re-energized.  I'm feeling SO right about this new direction.  I'm working with someone I've admired from afar for a long while.  I'm re-branding, and re-designing this space, and It will re-launch in a few short weeks!  I couldn't be more excited for the direction I'm going and truly can't wait to share!  I'm certain that it will feel just as organic and right to everyone who has been a part of this space, and a part of my life, both virtually and face to face, as it does to me.