Date Night // June

Earlier this year James and I decided that we needed to set aside one night each week to intentionally date.  We decided on Thursday night and dubbed it Thurs-date.  James and I spend lots of time together as it is, so why set aside another night of the week to spend together (aside from the fact that we adore spending time together)?  The argument is this:  I think people and things that are a part of everyday life can easily be taken for granted, put on the back burner, kind of just expected to remain and always be there for the times you do intentionally remember.  But being intentional always shifts things.  The motivation is different.  The focus changes.  And sometimes it's as simple as changing the environment.  In my mind its the same as going away for the weekend or going on vacation.  Sometimes stepping away gives different perspective, makes you feel different, and subtly starts to change how you view and think about every day life.  It's too easy not to go on a date each week.  Plus it gives you or your partner the excuse to plan something special, or meaningful, and maybe dress up a little.   For us, going out for dinner always sets up the perfect opportunity for good conversation.  We don't resort to spending time with Netflix, or falling into an everyday routine. We try and keep work out of it.  Talk about things that are meaningful, make plans, connect with each other.  I'm not claiming that going on one date is going to fix things, heat things up or make things feel brand new again.  But I do think it invites shift, opportunity, and intention into your relationship.  And all of those things are vital and life-giving.  

Last night we managed to document a little bit of our date.   I know sometimes it can be challenging to come up with something new to do each and every date night so hopefully by us documenting some of our Thursdates it may give you some ideas and give us even more motivation to keep it fresh!  Last night we went to two of our favourite places in the city.  The Glenbow Museum, and Bridgette Bar.   The first Thursday of each month The Glenbow hosts a a free night at the museum from 5-9.  We both love visiting galleries and museums, there's always something new to discover and gets us chatting about history, art, life, projects, anything and everything.  Bridgette Bar is hands down our favourite new bar/restaurant in the city.  First, it's stunning.  (No, I didn't make an outfit change during date night, I just think Kaihla captured Bridgette Bar perfectly when we did a shoot there with her a few weeks ago, so the photos of us there are from a few weeks ago)  If our style could be captured in an eatery, this is it.  Each time we've been we've conspired about how we could move in.  And next, the food has been impressive every single time.  If you're in Calgary, or visit it's a must stop at least once.  Be sure to order the Banana Cream Pie, and the Pink Pompadour is my cocktail of choice. Finally we finished our evening off in the backyard playing ball with Finn under the string lights.  Nothing quite like summer nights outside, and they're finally here! 

Do you have a date night that's set aside each week?  What are your go-to date night places/activities?