Summer Solstice Dinner

Summer 2017 is officially here!  I'm a big believer in celebrating any chance you get, and summer is something to celebrate!  So, we collaborated with friends to put together this beautiful, delicious al fresco dinner to ring in sunny days, warm nights, windows open, too many glasses of rose and the first of many dinners on our patio.  

We've known Blair + Mike since our wedding in 2010 where Blair was the second shooter alongside our photographer.  Since then we've celebrated lots of life and changes both big and small - new homes, new fur babies, marriage, new businesses..etc. etc.  There's a lot to celebrate in nearly 7years!  The first dinner we shared with them was in their backyard surrounded by their vegetable garden, which took up most of the backyard.  It was clear then that not only were they good at creating beautiful and tasty food, but that gardening was a way of life and a deeply rooted passion.  Since that time Mikey started his company Seed + Soil, an urban farm specializing in uncommon, colourful, and specialized vegetables.  You can find Seed+Soil seed packets and some of their plants at Plant here in Calgary.  

In planning our Summer Solstice dinner Blair + Mike created the whole menu and brought over veggies straight from the farm.  The menu included: Pasta with sugar snap peas, pancetta and pecorino cheese. Eggplant spread with Sidewalk Citizen grilled sourdough.  Melon, tomato, chile + Burrata Salad, and Little gem with lemon cream, spring onion, radish + mint (this recipe is in the photo above)  And, we drank margaritas with lavender salted rims. Simple, beautiful + fresh. 

This dinner made me feel renewed inspiration to put more love and attention into the colours and presentation of our food there after.  Even when you enjoy cooking as much as James and I do it can become monotonous to prepare meals day in and day out.  Attention to detail, using new flavours, and creating beautiful meals can make that routine feel more special and exciting to prepare.  Especially when creating a dinner celebration and sharing food with friends.    

This is the first of MANY dinners with friends on our patio this summer! I dream about these nights all year long, and couldn't be happier that they are finally here!  Happy summer friends.  Hope this is the longest, warmest, most beautiful night of the year, and that you can celebrate with food, drinks + friends. Cheers!

Photos by Blair || Veggies by Mike || Calligraphy by Jill