July Long Weekend

I woke up early this morning remembering that I haven't blogged in awhile and feeling the desire to but also happy at the notion that life has been so full and I've been enjoying summer so much that I just haven't had the time.  Last weekend we spent 3 days in BC, at my family's cottage, with friends.  It was perfect.  It was the kind of getaway filled with all the best things.   Even though we spent hours going from floating on the lake to drinking rosè on the beach we were exhausted from all the time in the sun and late mornings and even later nights.  That kind of exhausted is the best.  Exhausted from being full.  From living life well.  And forgetting in that fullness all those little worries and weights you couldn't shake when life was a little slower, and the weather a little cooler.  Most of time I dislike being busy.  Typically when I'm busy I find most of my time is spent working on balance and being less busy but this summer has started out busy and I'm not complaining about it.  Sometimes the best of life is meant to be enjoyed offline.  Maybe slightly disconnected, but fully engaged in summer, beach time, doing life with our tribe, floating on a pink flamingo for hours, playing Cards Against Humanity until the wee hours of the morning (which haven't been seen since New Years Eve), and coming home and needing a day to sleep, feeling slightly sunburnt.  

Not only was our weekend full but also inspiring.  There's nothing like getting away, stepping back, and engaging in the best conversation to spark new thoughts/ideas/dreams.  During one conversation in particular our friend Dawn said something along the lines of, "Maybe it's not as important to travel to and see new places if you're in your place and have found your place."  That struck me as profound.  An idea that hadn't occurred to me before but I love.  I always feel like I want to see more, do more, travel more, but what about the idea of landing in your place and feeling fulfillment and contentment without always craving more.  On our drive home James expanded on this by talking about purpose.  What if the idea of having a life's purpose isn't about an ultimate goal but instead just living your life?  Focusing on the things that make up your life rather than reaching a certain point or accomplishing a certain goal?  Hmm.. 

Mostly this weekend got me excited for our next adventure, which is happening soon. Until then, if I happen to post it will be because I'm excited to.  And, if I don't it will be because life is full, I'm sunburnt, and it's summer.  (You can always follow along on Instagram if you're wondering what we're up to!)