This Man

This man of mine. He's the kindest person you will ever meet. Gentle and strong. He works hard and knows how to drink whiskey. He'd happily live somwhere in a Louis Lamour novel or a Corb Lund song. He loves to talk about the meaningful things of life. Which he's lived, contemplated, mulled over, discussed, and settled on the mystery of the unknown. He takes marriage seriously. He takes me seriously. He's Finn's best human for a reason. When people leave his company they feel heard. He's got wisdom beyond his 33 years. He builds. He builds our family. He supports ideas. He forms relationships. He goes above and beyond every single time - noticed or not.  Today is his birthday. I'm lucky he's my person.  Every day he gives me so many reasons to celebrate this life we live together.  Happiest birthday My Love.

Photo by Jade