Creativity Overflow

There have been quite a few moments over the last several weeks where I've had to step back and take in how lucky I feel right now.  I have so many different creative projects on the go and it's felt really fulfilling for me. I've always been a creative being but have lacked direction and felt as though the best way to practice creativity was safely - within our home, and our lives, where it's understood and appreciated and valued.  But I've always had this desire somewhere deep down to find my voice and platform to confidently have my art seen.  

Earlier this year I knew that I wanted to forge ahead with these projects and just say yes when the opportunity presented itself.  But I also knew from past experience that I'm really good at standing in my own way.  And truthfully sometimes the fear of that happening again stops me from moving forward all together.  So, I decided this time around things would be different.  And for me the best way to make things different is to make them feel different.  Create a new habit/change and then move forward from there.  That's when I decided to book an appointment with Amanda at Pranic Forest

I feel like I'm pretty open-hearted towards new experience. Alternative treatment, therapy and medicine has actually played a pretty significant role for me for most of my life, so another avenue of alternative treatment wasn't out of the realm.  I do go into anything for the first time cautiously.  But, I wasn't going in completely blind because I had heard other friends stories and experiences and was excited to experience an appointment for myself.  


You'll have to check out Pranic Forest's website/read about Amanda to see just how broad her depth of knowledge and experience is.  Her website calls her a "master herbalist, aromatherapist, intuitive energy channeler , cosmetologist and artist".  And I know that this kind of experience or appointment is not something that everyone will resonate with, but what I can attest to is what a shift it's caused for me.  

My session was held in her gorgeous home studio (Although she is now working on opening a studio space in Kensington here in Calgary).  We chatted for quite some time, both getting to know one another and I expressed to her why I had booked an appointment and what I was looking for - freely flowing creative energy, without the fear of standing in my own way.  She described how the session would go; I would lay on my back on the heated massage table and she would work to get my energy moving and flowing freely.  If you've experienced or know about Reiki then you can envision how this goes.  She laid crystals down my body, played singing bowls, checked in on any discomfort or sensations I was experiencing, and ended the session with an acupressure foot massage to make sure I was left feeling grounded in all the energy she had ignited.   

In the weeks following my appointment I couldn't contain my energy.  It was a level of energy I hadn't experienced before, I was buzzing.  And not only that but I had ideas (more ideas than usual, for those who know me).  I was waking up full of ideas and excitement to execute them, and dreaming through the night about projects and creating and flowers.  And I didn't feel like I needed to suppress, or limit, or hold back.  I've been able to move forward without the fear of standing in my own way.  

Consequently, I'm in this place I feel so lucky being in.  I'm getting to express my creativity in ways that are fulfilling and life-giving.  I've found a medium and platform that feels like my own.  I always know I'm doing something I love, that's coming straight from my heart when doing it feels like a meditation.  The creativity is freely flowing, and it feels like I've found my place/platform and voice.  (Of course I will be sharing more photos and details as these projects happen!)  If you feel open to new experience and alternative therapy I encourage you to visit Amanda @ Pranic Forest.  She's lovely, gentle, genuine and I've heard she give incredible facials too! 

Photos by Michelle Larmand