Current Favs

This year I wanted to start sharing more pieces of our everyday life.  Things we're finding inspiring at the moment: books we're reading, podcasts we're into, recipes we are using - that kind of thing.  So here we go!  

Blogs I'm actually reading/inspired by right now :  

  • My friend Steph (we grew up together and even had nicknames for each other, I love her) just started a blog and I love how honest and real she is. She writes about her life, her modern family, being a working mom, dating...a little of everything.  
  • I thought this abeautifulmess post was an accurate reflection of how I've been feeling towards Instagram this year.
  • Obsessed with laceandlikes style + her florals - that's all.  

Podcast episodes we LOVE:  

  • Joe Rogan:  this one and this one
  • Seth Godin's first Akimbo Episode
  • I'm a true crime lover through and through.  Since I've pretty much exhausted/listened to all of the true crime podcasts I find it difficult to find new content. BUT I really enjoyed CBC's Someone Knows Something's first season, and just discovered their fourth season and I'm hooked.  
  • Missing + Murdered: Finding Cleo is excellent.  Canadian Podcasts are my new thing apparently!  
  • Okay, just one more true crime recommendation:  Criminal  This is consistently my favourite.  It's not a series, it's just really well told stories about crime.  It's not all murder stories, each one is pretty unique.  This one and this one are really good.

Movie/Film you have to watch:  

  • Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable on Netflix 
  • Get Out is SO good, we loved it.  
  • Baskets is our favourite show on TV right now. If you need more convincing, Louis Anderson plays Zach Galifianakis's mom. Zach Galifianakis plays twins.  That's all.  Go watch it.  

Let me know if there are any recommendations or more categories you want to hear from us!  Playlists? Music? Books? Recipes? Instagram accounts? Other genre's of podcasts? James isn't a true crime fan, but he loves listening to history, self help and philosophical podcasts.  Also, his taste in music is my favourite.  Maybe I could have James compile a list to share?  Let me know! 

Photos by Jade