Wildly the Workshop


My blog has become the news bulletin for my life.  Somewhere along the way I realized that I'm not a blogger.  I'm too private (and like being that way), and find it difficult to be documenting and sharing all the quiet, meaningful, close, epic, fun, fulfilling stuff of life.  I watched an interview with Oprah today where she said that from the time she was 32 she knew how to be herself on tv and was from that point on just herself.  I know how to be myself in my everyday real life.  I know how to be myself in friendships, human engagement and interaction, the highs the lows.  I have a pretty intimate awareness of myself offline, and actually I feel pretty confident being that human. Online...I struggle.  I don't know how it all translates sometimes.  So, instead of faking this until I figure it out, I'll share the pieces of life that feel like they're meant to be shared.

I was at therapy the other day (where I somehow talk for an hour and by the end of it all I've stirred things up and figured out what the common theme in my life at that moment is).  One of the things I was processing is who I've become in this year of my life.  In a good way, but some times I don't recognize who this ambitious, fearless, somewhat successful woman I see in myself.  I know it's taken work, hell, I've taken work to get to this place and be this person, but time goes by so quickly and suddenly here I am.  

Earlier this year a very talented photographer friend of mine approached me about co-creating/styling/hosting a photography workshop.  Yes! Of course!  I felt proud of myself, even in that moment for having originally stepped outside of my comfort zone, reached out to work with her (her work is seriously stunning and romantic and beautiful) and then from long distance becoming couple friends with her and her husband and somehow convincing her that I would be a talented, capable, hardworking business partner with a keen eye for fashion/style.  I like that I'm intentional about who I choose to align myself with and connect with, and that this year that intentionality has been blossoming into really cool opportunities.  

And so, Wildly the Workshop was born and has become this beast of a creative project for the last few months.  It's been equal parts creatively fulfilling, sometimes life sucking, and something I feel so damn proud of.  If anyone ever really knew what they were getting themselves into, perhaps they would never get started. But here we are - in it.  In the last 3 months we've built a business, forged a partnership, and everything is falling into place at a rate that feels like something bigger than us is conspiring for us to succeed. If someone were to combine every aspect of what I'm good at creating, what I find beautiful, and what I thrive at doing into a single job description - this is kind of it.  It's a pretty rad project that's going to be gorgeous and already feels like a big accomplishment, so naturally news bulletin it goes. 

Photos by Shane & Michelle