Suddenly I feel inspired to write after a long time off - some intentional time away. It’s crazy how much life can change, how much you can change in a few months. In a few months, my heart has been through it all. I’ve learned and grown and bloomed. One of my favourite instagram accounts that genuinely inspires me is @kelsmaeo. She owns a business called Burn and Bloom. I’m forever inspired by the work she does, how open her heart is, and by the sentiment behind the name of her business. Burn + Bloom. So, in a few months I burned, and as the calendar pages turned and suddenly the year said 2019 instead of 2018, I started to realize how far I’ve come and how much needed to change. It’s easy to fall into patterns and allow your life to take shape around those patterns. Until your soul is resisting and rising. And there’s the growing pains, and the revelations, the experience, the grief, and then finally feeling brave enough to choose something different. January 1st came and I felt restless. My heart was SO ready for all the change and to be courageous and life couldn’t move quickly enough. It’s frustrating to feel ready for so much, wanting to jump on board and follow your heart and then it’s just stillness. The earth is still frozen, yet my heart is so fertile. So we take the small steps. The small steps that hopefully lead to bigger decisions, exciting opportunity and new growth.