Gather Series I

One of the things I love most about florals is the place they hold at any gathering. The heart of the table: the meeting of glasses clinking, of food being passed, of words being shared, and of eyes being met. Flowers have the honour of being at the centre of it all, and have a way of making the room just a little more beautiful.

Bloom is the word that often comes to mind when considering the role florals play at a gathering. My experience of a table surrounded by friends at a dinner party is to feel seen, heard, and understood. To come together and share food + hearts. Where we are able to be human, partake, and sometimes immediately, sometimes gradually open ourselves up to one another. To blossom or bloom. It’s often in the late hours where the candles still burn, the wine is still plenty, and we’ve already shared so much that the magic of deeper connection happens.

I have a vision of re-creating this experience, and holding space in which others are invited in to have an open heart, and feel the same magic. In beautiful spaces, with humans seeking deeper, meaningful connection, and leaving feeling more fuelled up, inspired, with a clearer vision of the beauty that surrounds them.

Without further adieu I’m incredibly excited + proud to share with you a glimpse into Wildly Us Gather Series I.

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Video Shot + Created by Emily Oud